FRP Grating

PermaStruct® FRP Grating is the ultimate industrial walking surface for a wide range of commercial applications. Featuring an anti-slip surface rated to the highest levels of slip resistance, it will not corrode and is far stronger, yet up to 60% lighter than traditional materials.

Consisting of a mixture of fibreglass and resin, it can be made into one piece panels or custom made to fit the unique shape of a floor. PermaStruct® FRP Grating can be used in countless applications such as boardwalks, jetties, platforms, trench covers and much more.

Types of PermaStruct® FRP Grating

Standard Mesh, Mini Mesh, and Micro Mesh are available…

Standard Grating


Mini Mesh


Micro Mesh


Sizes and Colours:

PermaStruct® FRP Grating is stocked in the following sizes and colours…

Item CodeProductPanel Size (mm)Hole Size (mm)Mesh Size (mm)ColoursTypical Span (mm)Typical Application
G 15 Y15mm Standard Grating3660x61532x3238x38YellowNot StructuralRoof Walkway
G 25 Y25mm Standard Grating3660x122032x3238x38Yellow600Pedestrian Walkways
G 25 G25mm Standard Grating3660x122032x3238x38Grey600Pedestrian Walkways
G 25 N25mm Standard Grating3660x122032x3238x38Green600Pedestrian Walkways
G 38 G38mm Standard Grating3660x122032x3238x38Grey1000Pedestrian Walkways
G 38 Y38mm Standard Grating3660x122032x3238x38Yellow1000Pedestrian Walkways
G 38 N38mm Standard Grating3660x122032x3238x38Green1000Pedestrian Walkways
M IN 21 G21mm Mini Mesh3687x124712x1220x20 / 40x40Grey650Boardwalks & Marine
M IN 21 S21mm Mini Mesh3687x124712x1220x20 / 40x40Sand650Boardwalks & Marine
M IN 38 G38mm Mini Mesh3687x124712x1220x20 / 40x40Grey1200Boardwalks & Marine
M IC 21 S21mm Micro Mesh3687x12478x813x13Sand650Boardwalks & Marine
M IC 21 G21mm Micro Mesh3687x12478x813x13Grey650Boardwalks & Marine

PermaStruct® FRP Grating can be custom manufactured for individual project specifications in a wide range of colours and sizes. For higher loads, please see the Technical Guides.

Why Choose PermaStruct® FRP Grating?

FRP Grating Technical Guide