FRP Grating

PermaStruct® FRP Grating is the ultimate industrial walking surface for a wide range of commercial applications. Featuring an anti-slip surface rated to the highest levels of slip resistance, it will not corrode and is far stronger, yet up to 60% lighter than traditional materials.

Consisting of a mixture of fibreglass and resin, it can be made into one piece panels or custom made to fit the unique shape of a floor. PermaStruct® FRP Grating can be used in countless applications such as boardwalks, jetties, platforms, trench covers and much more.

Standard Grating, Mini Mesh and Micro Mesh are available…

Standard Grating


Mini Mesh


Micro Mesh


Why Choose PermaStruct® FRP Grating?

Sizes and Colours:

PermaStruct® FRP Grating is stocked in the following sizes and colours…

Item CodeProductPanel Size (mm)Hole Size (mm)Mesh Size (mm)ColoursTypical Span (mm)Typical Application
G 15 Y15mm Standard Grating3660x61532x3238x38YellowNot StructuralRoof Walkway
G 25 Y25mm Standard Grating3660x122032x3238x38Yellow600Pedestrian Walkways
G 25 G25mm Standard Grating3660x122032x3238x38Grey600Pedestrian Walkways
G 25 N25mm Standard Grating3660x122032x3238x38Green600Pedestrian Walkways
G 38 G38mm Standard Grating3660x122032x3238x38Grey1000Pedestrian Walkways
G 38 Y38mm Standard Grating3660x122032x3238x38Yellow1000Pedestrian Walkways
G 38 N38mm Standard Grating3660x122032x3238x38Green1000Pedestrian Walkways
M IN 22 G22mm Mini Mesh3687x124712x1220x20 / 40x40Grey650Boardwalks & Marine
M IN 22 S22mm Mini Mesh3687x124712x1220x20 / 40x40Sand650Boardwalks & Marine
M IN 38 G38mm Mini Mesh3687x124712x1220x20 / 40x40Grey1200Boardwalks & Marine
M IC 22 S22mm Micro Mesh3687x12478x813x13Sand650Boardwalks & Marine
M IC 22 G22mm Micro Mesh3687x12478x813x13Grey650Boardwalks & Marine

For higher loads, please see the Technical Guide.

PermaStruct® FRP Grating can be custom manufactured for individual project specifications in a wide range of colours and sizes.

If you have any further questions please contact us.

FRP Grating Technical Guide