Trenches & Lids

PermaStruct® Trench & Lid Systems are a unique alternative to pre-cast concrete trenches and have many advantages over conventional trenching systems.

PermaStruct® FRP Trenches, also known as a FRP Duct/FRP Culvert, are designed to protect cables and pipes that are laid under the ground. Services such as gas, water, electricity, communication and signals would not be possible without a trench to protect them from damage.

Trenches are joined by means of a simple universal fibreglass flange and can be easily drilled, bonded, and/or mechanically fixed if required.

Why Choose PermaStruct® Trenches?

  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • High strength
  • In-built drainage
  • Low maintenance
  • Exceptional loading capabilities with lids

Sizes and Colours:

Perma Composites® understand the nature of construction projects, which is why FRP Trenches are custom built to your specifications. Please contact us for more information.

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