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Diamond Pier Foundations
Low impact construction without excavation.

The engineered solution for solid foundations without disturbing sensitive and heritage environments.

Diamond Pier foundations allow low impact construction of recreational structures in parks, preserves and wild lands. With Diamond Pier’s non-destructible technology, boardwalks, stairways, bridges, pavilions and overlooks can be built in sensitive environments with minimal site disturbance. Save time and equipment costs, reduce erosion and compaction, and preserve the integrity of existing soils, native vegetations and the natural flow of groundwater on your next project.

diamond piers foundation no excavation footing technology diamond piers boardwalk footing foundation no excavation diamond piers foundation boardwalk bridge footing sensitive environment no excavation

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Diamond Piers are patented, high strength concrete heads set in a shallow hole, locking together a cluster of steel bearing pins, driven through the head and deep into penetrable spoil, to create fast, efficient foundation systems.

Solid and secure. Pin pile technology provides resilience to uplift and lateral forces, delivering the bearing strength of traditional spread footings, with the ease and minimal impact of pile driven foundations. Multiple sizes allow maximum flexibility and cost control. Load capacity is engineered for each project, based on soil conditions specific to your site.

Low impact.  No heavy equipment means less site disturbance, and no need to re-vegetate after construction. No digging or soils to remove and no concrete pouring, means less mess and a very small carbon footprint.

Easy and fast. Install with pointed shovel and pneumatic hammer and start framing immediately.

Smarter technology. Patented, proven design, engineered for consistent reliability and performance.

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Diamond Pier foundation systems are easy to install using small, lightweight components and construction tools. They are totally removable and, unlike most driven pile systems or conventional poured foundations, can be maintained completely from above ground.

Pin Foundations Diamond Pier Installation

Since 1996 Diamond Pier foundations have been successfully implemented by private, municipal, state and federal clients in recreational and environmental education projects internationally.

Diamond Piers technology is faster and easier to install than traditional methods and is structurally engineered to work in the most demanding applications.

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