Boardwalks & Bridges

Lightning Park – PermaTimber® Eco-friendly Boardwalk

PermaStruct® Boardwalks

Our bespoke boardwalks are designed and constructed to suit all environments including coastal, fixed, floating, inland waterways, parks and spectacular coastal paths. PermaStruct® low maintenance boardwalks are also ideally suited to remote, harsh locations where access for maintenance is an issue.

Our boardwalks are supplied in a variety of textures, materials and colours to match environmental needs. Easy installation is achieved by using our non-invasive foundation techniques which is particularly important in heritage areas.



PermaStruct® Bridges

PermaStruct® FRP Bridges are designed to accommodate high loads and fatigue, making it the ideal low maintenance choice for bridge structures – whether single or multi span.

Individual bridge designs can be accommodated by our in-house design team, who have many years of relevant industry experience. Entire bridge structures can manufactured using PermaStruct® FRP, or we can marry with existing timber, steel and concrete infrastructures – resulting in a cost effective upgrade of existing infrastructure.



Brilliant Boardwalks

Brilliant Boardwalks Brochure

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