PermaStruct® Cable Trays

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PermaStruct® FRP Cable Trays

PermaStruct® FRP cable trays are made using a specially formulated fire retardant resin and fiberglass in order to be suitable for applications such as petrochemical plants and offshore platforms.

PermaStruct® FRP cable trays are made to comply with all oil and gas specifications including:

  • NEMA FG-1 loading tests Class 12C, 20B & 20C
  • ASTM E84 Class A and BS 476
  • Class 1 Fire Tests, Low smoke & halogen free tests
  • Anti-static property test
  • ABS compliance

Our cable trays have a very long service life of over 20 years. They are also lightweight, drillable on the field and inexpensive when compared with metallic cable trays.

PermaStruct® FRP cable trays can be used for new projects or to replace existing infrastructure which has been damaged by corrosion. It is perfect for use in industries with harsh environments including chemical plants, oil refineries, offshore platforms, mine sites, waste treatments plants and much more.

Benefits of using PermaStruct® FRP Cable Trays

Long Life: PermaStruct® FRP cable trays are made from premium grade resin, glass fiber and selected additives and are designed to last for over 20 years.

Anti-Corrosion: PermaStruct® FRP cable trays have excellent corrosion and weather resistant properties unlike traditional metallic cable trays.

Strength: PermaStruct® FRP cable trays have a tensile strength of up to 450MPA and have been designed to ensure the perfect strength to weight ratio.

Lightweight:  PermaStruct® FRP cable trays have a density of around ¼ of traditional steel cable trays.

Cost Effective: PermaStruct® FRP cable trays have a long life span of over 20 years, anti-corrosion and weathering properties and are low maintenance, making them a cost effective solution when compared to traditional metallic cable trays.

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