A Revolution in Precast FRP Trench Technology

FRP Trenches

FRP Trenches are the 21st Century replacement for concrete


Fibre-reinforced plastic is a composite material that is becoming increasingly popular in construction industries because of a number of advantages it has. The most prominent is that the FRP trenches are as strong and durable as concrete, but considerably lighter, weighing up to 80% less. They are also less costly to install and are safer to handle due to their lightness. PermaStruct® Trench & Lid Systems are a unique alternative to pre-cast concrete trenches and have many advantages over conventional trenching systems.

FRP Trenches, also known as a FRP Duct/FRP Culvert, are designed to protect cables and pipes that are laid under the ground.  Services such as gas, water, electricity, communication and signals would not be possible without a trench to protect them from damage.  The repair of cables and pipes are not only costly, but also time consuming, which in turn could affect your bottom line. It is therefore imperative to locate them in a trench.

Trenches are joined by means of a simple universal fiberglass flange, and can be easily drilled, bonded, and/or mechanically fixed if required.

So why is it better than traditional concrete? 

Benefits of PermaStruct® FRP Trenches include:

Lightweight – Easy to Install

Unlike a concrete trench, which requires a crane to install it, FRP trenches can be lifted by hand and easily put into place – therefore the trench sections can be simply adjusted by hand for levelling and alignment.

Installation time can be expected to be in the region of a third of the time for pre-cast concrete. Not to mention saving you money in the process.

Strength – Suitable for any application

These trenches will not shatter, crack or splinter and will withstand heavy manual handling.

PermaStruct® trench systems are one of the strongest composite service protection systems available in the marketplace.

In-built Drainage

The joints between each section of the trench are unsealed to enable  ground water in the trenches to drain naturally.

Occupational Health & Safety Benefits

No heavy lifting gear or cranes are required for the installation of the PermaStruct® trench. The number of site personnel required is considerably reduced, providing very quick and easy installation – whilst also reducing costs


PermaStruct® Trench & Lids Systems are virtually maintenance free. They will not rust or corrode and won’t need painting. All trenches are UV stable they can be expected to last for over 50 years.

Exceptional Loading Capability with Lids

PermaStruct® trenches have been designed for use with open mesh grating & covered pedestrian grating as lids. In heavy traffic areas HLC (High Load Capacity) grating can also be used. These products have been load tested and, depending on span, we can offer products suitable for slow moving wheel loads.

Perma Composites® understand the nature of construction projects, which is why FRP Trenches are custom built to your specifications. Standard profiles are also available for immediate shipping. These include straight, elbow and ‘T’ sections.

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