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The PermaStruct® range of Mining and Construction products are the 21st Century alternative to traditional materials. Unlike timber, concrete and steel, FRP from PermaStruct® will not rust, corrode, rot or crack – yet it is lightweight and just as strong as its old-school counterparts.

The majority of products you see on these pages are held in stock for immediate delivery, but our specialty is custom fabrications delivered directly to you or your site.

Please click any of the products below to read how FRP can solve your design, installation and maintenance challenges.

PermaStruct® FRP GratingRead More

Desal Plant 3PermaStruct™ FRP Grating is the ultimate walking surface for factories, mine sites, oil rigs and platforms. Featuring an anti-slip surface rated to the highest levels of slip resistance ever measured, PermaStruct™ FRP Grating is far stronger – yet up to 60% lighter than steel.

PermaStruct® Trench and Lid SystemsRead More

CE Dubbo 4PermaStruct™ FRP Trenches are the 21st Century replacement for heavy concrete. Massive weight reductions dramatically reduce the cost of transport, installation and maintenance.

PermaStruct® Innov HandrailRead More

This unique PermaStruct® “Innov” handrail system is 100% corrosion resistant, only 1/3rd the weight of steel and requires no maintenance.

PermaStruct® HandrailRead More

Handrail 1PermaStruct® FRP Handrails are incredibly strong, yet 60-70% lighter than galvanised and stainless steel, reducing installation costs. Your maintenance costs will also be drastically reduced, as FRP will not rust, corrode or require re-painting or surface treatments.

PermaStruct® Ladders and CagesRead More

Ladder and handrail 1PermaStruct® FRP Ladder systems are the perfect solution for submerged, semi-submerged and caustic environments, thanks to superior non-corrosive properties.

PermaStruct® Cable TraysRead More

PermaStruct® FRP Cable Trays are made using a specially formulated fire retardant resin and fiberglass in order to be suitable for applications such as petrochemical plants and offshore platforms.

PermaStruct® FRP ProfilesRead More

Aimec profiles 4PermaStruct® FRP Profiles represent a modernised progression in building supplies. PermaStruct® Profiles are as strong as traditional materials, such as steel, but can be maneuvered by hand and will last much longer.

PermaStruct® Roof Safety WalkwaysRead More

99 Roof WalkwayPermaStruct® FRP Roof Walkways systems provide non-slip access to services, air conditioning and maintenance, while at the same time protecting the roof from damage.

PermaStruct® SlabRead More

Perma Slab in-situSpecially designed for trenches, gully’s and pits, PermaStruct® Slab offers exceptional strength to weight ratios, dramatically reducing the costs of transport, installation, handling and servicing.

PermaStruct® Non-Slip FlooringRead More

Solid PlatePermaStruct® Solid Plate is the fast, easy and economical safety solution for almost any surface. Add R15 slip resistance with strong, lightweight, tough FRP Solid Plate.

PermaStruct® Stair Safety ProductsRead More

Stair treads 3Slips, trips and falls account for 20% of all serious workplace injury claims. Ladders and staircases are a significant contributor to these injuries.

PermaStruct® FixingsRead More

FixingsPermaStruct® carry a large range of mechanical fixing systems for just about any application. Click for more information.

PermaStruct® Pedestals - ElmichRead More

SpiraPave and Bearers 2

Elmich Pedestals are the next generation screw-jack pedestal system. Pedestals cater for variations in height and slope, can reduce sound transmission, increase heat insulation and hide unsightly services. Perma Composites® offers both VersiJack® and SpiraPave® pedestal systems.

PermaStruct® Boardwalks and BridgesRead More


PermaStruct® boardwalks and bridges are designed and engineered by experts for ease of installation, extended life and low maintenance.

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