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For general PermaStruct® FRP material information, see Technical Data, here.

NB: These guides are highly detailed and may take a few moments to download. 


PermaStruct® Brochure










PermaStruct® Brilliant Boardwalks Brochure

Brilliant Boardwalks Brochure_Page_1


PermaStruct® Rapid Deck Brochure

FRP Care Guide

PermaStruct® FRP Care Guide

PermaStruct FRP Care Guide

Product Guides

PermaStruct® FRP Grating Guide

 Permastruct FRP Grating Tech Guide


PermaStruct® Slab Guide

Perma Slab Technical Guide 


PermaStruct® Slab Pultruded Guide

 Perma Slab Pultruded Technical Guide


PermaStruct® Cable Ladder & Tray Technical Guide

PermaStruct FRP Trays and Ladders_Page_01








PermaStruct® Trench & Lid Systems Guide

Permastruct Trench & Lid Systems 


PermaStruct® Stair Safety Products Guide

Permastruct Stair Safety Install Guide 


PermaStruct® Marina Decking Guide 

Permastruct Marina Decking


PermaStruct® FRP Handrail Guide 







PermaStruct® FRP Ladder Guide 

Permastruct FRP Ladder - Perma Standard Ladder


PermaStruct® FRP Ladder Cage Guide 

PermaStruct Ladder Cage


PermaStruct® FRP Ladder Walkthrough Guide




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