PermaStruct - Sydney University Boat Shed (1)

Safe & Stunning Boardwalks

Challenging project? Need Design Advice? Let us know! Offering a heavy duty & durable solution, PermaStruct® Mini Mesh and Heavy Duty 

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City of Belmont Boardwalk

Beautiful Boardwalks That Will Last!

Tired boardwalk that needs restoring? Let us know! Offering a long lasting and low maintenance solution, PermaStruct® Mini Mesh and 

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PermaStruct FRP Transportable Step Down

Introducing our latest innovation…FRP Transportable Step Down! We were asked by our client to create a transportable hanging step down 

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PermaStruct® Grating Used As Trench Lid

Our man on the job Scott admiring his handy work, where he recently installed PermaStruct® Grating as a trench lid 

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A technical guide to trench and lid systems- Cheaper to Install

Perma Composites™ trench and lid systems are OH&S friendly, as well as being a simple product to install. Ideal for 

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diamond piers foundation no excavation footing technology

Diamond Pier Foundations prove perfect for sensitive sites

Walking safely on boardwalks and walkways is a lot easier than it used to be thanks to PermaStruct’s™ Diamond Pier 

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grating corrosion mining expense design FRP

Designing out corrosion with Perma Composites®

Rust never sleeps, relentlessly eating its way through your company profits and costing the Australian economy an estimated $60 billion 

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floating jetty 3

Prevent slips and falls with anti-slip decking boards

Slips, trips and falls have been estimated to cost Australia an astonishing $3 Billion a year, but the financial cost 

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Perma Perth has moved!

Perma Composites™ would like to inform all of its customers that our Perth office is officially relocated and open for 

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